Du's Tea

Authentic Ancient Herbal Tea for High Blood Pressure

Du's tree belongs to an ancient plant class and is over 2 million years old. Most of them located in Asia, Europe and North America had been unable to survive the 4th Ice Age, except a small amount in North Asia, still found there today. The tree is commonly referred to as “The Living Fossil” by modern geologists. The leaves and bark from the Du's tree has been recorded in ‘Herbal Canon’ and ‘Compendium of Material Medical’ as being “The Rare Healing Materials”, and with having a high reputation over the past 2000 years. Modern scientists discovered the leaves of Du's tree to be very rich in powerful, health-promoting nutrients, including β-D-dextrose, chlorogenic acid, aucubin, amino acids, and various minerals. Scientists also discovered these nutrients have tremendous health benefits.

  • May help relax and expand the coronary blood vessels and arterial walls.*
  • May improve the metabolism of the heart.*
  • Calming effect, helps promote quality sleep.*
  • Antioxidant properties.*
  • Boosts immunity, increases endurance.*
  • Promotes healthy kidney.*
  • May help promote liver detox.*
  • *Du's tea is 100% herbal based. It is not a prescription medicine. (disclaimer)

    Health Benefits - Research and Studies

    Has been shown to assist lowering blood pressure continuously without side effects.*

    The Du's tree leaves made tea that has been widely reported to be effective in assisting in lowering high blood pressure and maintaining a healthy blood pressure level. Study shows that Du’s tea contains β-D-dextrose, which is a compound used for effectively managing blood pressure. It helps to maintain a normal and healthy blood pressure, and lowers high blood pressure which causes dizziness and sleeplessness.

    Other compounds in the tea, such as chlorogenic acid, aucubin and amino acids may also assist in lowering blood pressure. Studies have also shown that nutrients in Du's tea may directly help improve the metabolism of the heart, as well as enhancing the release of nitric oxide in the body. They may also help stimulating the nervous system which is responsible for all the internal organs, which in turn helps to relax the coronary blood vessels and arterial walls, allowing them to expand which may lead to lower blood pressure.

    Du's tea studies

    In one study, 223 patients were divided into three groups. One group took Ginseng tea, the next took Du’s tea, and the last took the blood pressure medication. The effectiveness was rated at:

    46% for Ginseng tea, 82% for Du’s tea and 93% for Medication

    This herb modulates blood pressure, lowering it when it is too high and raising it when it is too low.

    Du's tea studies

    Along with helping maintain a healthy blood pressure, Du's tea has many other benefits:

    May assist in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.*

    Scientific studies have confirmed the nutrients in Du's tea may assist the regulation of serum cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL (bad cholesterol), and HDL (good cholesterol, which helps to metabolize cholesterol from the arteries).

    The gypenosides (GPs) found in Du’s tea has been shown to help lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and increase HDL cholesterol. More than 20 papers have been published on the subject with effectiveness reported as ranging from 67 to 93%.

     The experiments on the mice and rabbits which had been fed with high sugar and high fat food and suffering from hyperlipemia shows that being fed with GPs for 4-7 weeks, the total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol had been dramatically reduced and the increase of the LPO had been controlled.

    The rabbits with serious hyperlipemia been fed with high doses of GPs for 15 days. It reported they obviously reduced TC, TG and LDL and increased the HDL/LDC values. This indicates Du’s Tea enhances the release of nitric oxide in the body, which helps to relax the coronary blood vessels.

    May help relieve stress and promote quality sleep.*

    Du’s tea has been shown to have a biphasic effect on energizing or calming the system depending upon need. The healthy maintenance of these physiological actions plays a major role in the body's ability to cope with stress. The tea have also been shown to modulates the nervous system. It may help calm an overexcited nervous system and stimulates a depressed one.

    May assist healthy weight loss.*

    Du’s tea has been used in Japan as part of natural weight loss plans. In one study, obese individuals were given high quality Du’s tea in the morning and afternoon, and most patients lost a significant amount of weight. Du’s tea has been used in Japan as part of natural weight loss plans. In one study, obese individuals were given high quality Du’s tea in the morning and afternoon, and most patients lost a significant amount of weight.

     A Japanese scientific study undertaken by professor Takahashi has suggested that using Du’s tea for more than one month reduces fat underneath the skin and around internal organs. Du’s tea may be the solution for natural weight loss with the tea showing helping boost the metabolism. The study showed that the Du's tree leaves boosts the metabolism of collagen and accelerates protein anabolism, which burns calories and reduces the storage of fat. Human diet trials have shown a weight loss* of between 1.5 - 2kg among candidates using Du's tree leaf tea for approximately 4 weeks.

    May help increase strength, promote healthy bones and boost immunity.*

    Du’s tea has been shown to support the immune system when under siege from various destructive agents such as lodide. The results of human studies confirm that nutrients in Du’s tea, such as collagen, may help enhance the contractility of muscle and its functioning.

     Studies by NASA also found that under the condition of weightlessness, the highly concentrated nutrients from Du's tree may have helped to slow the ageing of bone and prevent the deterioration of bone and muscle.

    Antioxidant properties.*

    The properties in Du's tea have been shown in tests to help lower the amount of superoxide radical and hydrogen peroxide in certain white blood cells, an excellent indicator of antioxidant activity. They have been shown to help support immune response, and they may also help increase the body’s antioxidant power so that it is better able to mop up the dangerous free radicals that are generated after UV exposure.

    Du’s tea may help boost the metabolism of the collagen; this may help slow and delay the ageing of the skin, and help reduce wrinkles and promote radiant glow. This may also help promote healthy and shining hair. Additionally, Du’s tea has been shown the property of increasing endogenous SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) in the body. SOD is one of the body‘s most important antioxidants and studies show that charting SOD levels in various animal species is a reliable indicator of their longevity. Trials in humans have shown that SOD levels returned to youthful levels after taking 20 mg of GPs daily for one month.

    May help maintaining cardiovascular health.*

    Du’s tea may help maintain healthy cardiac function. In a study combined with some other herbs heart stroke volume increased 37% and cardiac output increased by 21% on the average. Ejection fraction increased by 13%. Subjects had normal blood pressure which did not change although heart rate decreased by 10%.

    May contribute in the maintenance of a healthy kidney and increase of libido.*

    Studies have shown that nutrients in Du’s tea may help promote healthy kidney functioning and may significantly increase testosterone levels in the blood, thereby increasing libido in men. The kaempferol, quercetin, astragalin and hirsutin in the tea help control female hormones and increases testosterone levels in the blood, thereby increasing libido in women.

    May assist in relief of constipation.*

    Ingredients in Du's tea have been traditionally used in China to help relieve bloated, uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen area after meal and smooth the bowel movements. The tea has been shown be a natural and safe solution to assist with indigestion, food retention and qi stagnation, abdominal distension and constipated.

    Supports liver balance.*

    The chlorogenic-acid in Du’s tea is contains powerful anti-virus properties. Its aucubin helps protect the vitality of the liver, and promotes the reproduction of the liver cells, which helps support healthy liver balance.

    100% Natural and Caffeine Free

    Unlike artificial supplements, Du’s tea is 100% natural and nourishing to your health. Unlike any other tea, it does not contain any caffeine.

    Du's tea on media

    What People Are Saying

    50.8% of all people who used Du's tea as directed noticed the difference within the first week!
    90.0% reported a positive result within 30 days!

    Here are some of our real customers who have achieved their health goals with the help and support of the Du's tea. Yes, these are genuine results with verified purchase achieved by real people. We are incredibly proud of our customer’s achievements and encourage you to look through and gain inspiration. Kick-start your health goals today with the help of our Du's Tea, We want you to feel happier and healthier!

    *results may vary from person to person. For more information please read our disclaimer.

    Du's tea reviews

    *"so far so good .....been on it for 4 months now and blood pressure is improving but I am also eating better and exercising." Caroline Shahin

    *"I have a family history of high cholesterol so I have a blood test done every year even though my numbers are in the normal range. I have a healthy diet, yet my triglycerides in 2013 were 143. One year later, after 8 months of drinking 4 cups of Du's tea a day, my triglycerides dropped to 56. The tea has put me into a state of wellness. I am very thankful that a friend introduced me to Du's tea."  Jane Austen

    This tea has given my life back. *"This is what happen to me when I started drinking Du's tea 14 months ago. I was taking two blood pressure medicines because I was over weight and my blood pressure was high. I've got amazing results within about ten days of drinking 3 cups of Du's tea a day. After drinking it for about 2 months, I was able to get off all my medications. I went to my doctor after about 3 months to have my blood pressure tested to make sure my readings where right. My blood pressure was normal, and after 14 months, I’ve lost about 28 kilos.This tea has given my life back." Bob L

    Works very well. *"My blood pressure was 155/77 before I started the tea and has been going down constantly and now is 129/66. I have lost a little weight and am sleeping better. My wife says I use to jerk in my sleep and I do not do that any more. I thought I may have restless leg syndrome but that seems better now, and I have more energy." Ross

    *"I, very highly recommend "Du's diet tea" because it's a great product, and it is not expensive. Thanks! " Barbara Kay

    *"Last Monday, I had blood drawn again. I have to admit I was a little leery of what the new number would be because of all of the holiday eats and treats plus I had reduced the tea from 4 cups to 2 cups a day, but we got the results yesterday and it has dropped another 45 points to 189!  My triglycerides have dropped another 45 points to 332. Still a little high, but compared to 1780, I'd say it's a victory." Craig, GA 

    My doctor was Amazed *"For 11 years I've taken blood pressure and heart medicine since my heart attack. After just less than 2 months of drinking Du's tea, my blood pressure was lowered from 168/99 to 116/68! My Doctor was amazed (No, I didn't tell her why it's lower, thanks) and reduced my drugs for the very first time in 11 years. She feels further reductions in my drug intake will soon follow. I'm so thankful for Du's tea giving me a brighter future. I am looking forward to new and healthy years ahead." Patrik

    *"I drink 5 or 6 cups of dus tea a day and supplement it with the resveratrol capsules. My blood pressure has come down to a far more manageable level... I am still in the process of a lifstyle change, but the worked. Anyway, I am enjoying this tea and have recommended it to a couple of friends. Harmoni-T is a good company. They sent me an extra box for a delayed delivery. I will place another order in a couple of weeks before i run out. Thanks again."  Edwin

    Lower BP But Not Energy *"This is a great product and it is not expensive. My husband has slightly high blood pressure. His doctor put him on a low dosage of blood pressure medicine, and he lost all of his energy. He had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, and was exhausted by the end of the day. Now that he is using Du's tea he has lower blood pressure without the loss of energy."  Laura A. Binkley

    * "I don't want make any medical claims, but I have a lady who is 42 years old with very high blood pressure and not on any medication from her GP. She has been drinking du's tea (for less than a month) and her blood pressure is now at a more acceptable level." Lynn S.

    *"Being on the Du's diet tea one week my blood pressure is down almost 40 points. Now I’ve been on it 2 months and it is consistently about 116/78. It is a wonderful fact that it did lower my blood pressure!"  Whitman 

    *”I take my blood pressure twice a day. After just a couple of weeks drinking your tea, my blood pressure has returned to normal levels. Now I'm ready to get some more. (The tea tastes great!)"  Thomas J.  

    Great Tasting Tea Gets My Life Back! *"I used to be in fantastic physical shape without any questionable health problem 10 years ago. Last year, after a checking out I was told my blood pressure was 170/130!  I also discovered that I had high triglycerides, over 600, a cholesterol count of 390, weigh about 20 kilos more than i did 10 years ago. After 16 months on Du's herbal tea, my Doctor has decided to remove my blood pressure medications and my triglycerides have dropped to 259 points. There is no change in my lifestyle except an addition of Du's tea, 1 bag three times a day. The tea has also increased my mental alertness and energy, I sleep better and feel less stress. And it tastes great!"  Mathew

    *"My husband and I have been drinking Du's tea for almost a year and it has made a tremendous change in our health. The tea has helped my husband with his high blood pressure.  Before it was always high no matter if he walked or ate healthy foods.  He would get so aggravated because it was the same.  At first he was very skeptical about the tea so I started drinking it. After he saw that I was sleeping better and having a lot more energy, he started drinking it too!  Now, his been drinking it every morning and every night and feeling great!!! His blood pressure is finally stable and his been eating all of his favorite foods!!!  We both feel great!"  Priscilla 

    *"Had my first cup of Du's tea today. Tastes great! My blood pressure dropped 10mm within the following few hours! Loving it!" John Australia 

    *"Has lowered my blood pressure considerably!!  A great product, that's natural!!" G. Nevius 

    Need more *"It does what it says taste great fills you up and calms you down. Blood pressure is better still waiting to ck cholesterol!"  Darrahl l F  - Amazon Verified Purchase

    This is my new go-to tea, I love it. *"I've been enjoying this tea for nearly two months now. The flavor is wonderful, I add nothing at all to it; just brew hot distilled water and add 1 or 2 bags for whatever strength of tea I'd like. I use a very large mug at work so it's usually 2 for me.

    When I read all the health benefits at the time of purchase I was afraid I was going to need a "spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down"; I've had those kinds of tea before ..acck...I drank them for my well being, tolerating them. However, that's not the case with this well rounded blend. I really enjoy the smooth, hearty flavor. Du's tea is calming and helpful in lowering my blood pressure, that was my first motivation to try this. Now, I am thrilled with all the added health benefits in a tea I look forward to enjoying any time of the day with no worries regarding caffeine.

    Yes, this is my new everyday go-to tea.

    Sincerely, Elaine B  - Amazon Verified Purchase

    A long time customer *"I ordered the dus tea on 10/1/14 since it has worked so well for me in the past. I am a long time customer and have purchased a considerable amount of product from your organization. This product has helped my blood pressure, calcium deposits and triglicerides because I cannot take regular meds for these problems. Thank you very much." J Janes - Amazon Verified Purchase

    It works *"this tea really works.it lowered my blood pressure and it tastes great.I have just been using it for 2 weeks and I've noticed my blood pressure has gone down to normal levels and I have had high blood pressure for many years." Jerrycal - Amazon Verified Purchase

    BP Below 145 instead of 193 *"Du's Tea worked very well on my high blood pressure, It went more than 40 points below its usually high normal. From 193 to below 145; This was great! I loved it. It continues to keep my blood pressure stable." Thompson - Amazon Verified Purchase

    More than pleased *"I am more than pleased with the results of Du's Tea on my blood pressure. Last year at this time it was about 160/100. Last night when I checked, it was 115/68. Thanks for a great product." Earl - Amazon Verified Purchase

    It works *"this tea really works.it lowered my blood pressure and it tastes great.I have just been using it for 2 weeks and I've noticed my blood pressure has gone down to normal levels and I have had high blood pressure for many years." Jerrycal - Amazon Verified Purchase

    Helps me relax *"This is my second order.  The tea is very good and I have noticed it helps me relax and I am able to sleep better if I drink a cup before bedtime." Judith Ohio  - Amazon Verified Purchase

    NEW  Thank you * "My blood pressure went down the very second day. Really impressed. Thank you." Amazon Customer - Amazon Verified Purchase

    Yes Yes Yes *"Does this Tea lower blood pressure Yes Yes Yes. My doctor has halved my blood pressure dosage because of this Tea who knows after a few more months maybe no meds my numbers were 159 over 98 now 110 over 79 so a Happy Bless you for this Tea.” Gary 

    "I been drinking this tea cause I was diagnosed w high blood pressure for a while. I prayed to God to heal me and I trust in him that I'm healed. And when I went back to the doctors my blood pressure was on que. No more pills. So when I found your tea I thought I would try it cause w Gods help and me to do my part as well I want to stay healthy. And so far for only two weeks the blood pressure has come to normal and the bloating and problems of going to the bathroom was awful but now its getting a little easier by drinking this tea. Over all I'm starting to feel better than before. I almost completely have no more dizziness. Its all because of God and me doing the best I can for the healing from God. And that's why I'm drinking this tea. I just want to thank you. DOROTHY" via Facebook

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