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We are exposed to thousands of free radicals on a daily basis: from the computers we face, to the phones and tablets we use, the screens we watch and even the cars we drive to make our lives easier. Free radicals build up in our body, putting pressure on our nerves and immune system. They take away our energy and focus, causing body damage and contribute to headaches, acne, hair loss, bad breath, insomnia and lethargy. Scientific studies have shown that 70% of the population have experienced ageing and sickness symptoms due to the daily use of computers, phones, tablets and interactions with TV screens.

Keep our body clear of free radicals will helps us live a longer, stronger and healthier life.

iCharge is an herbal combination developed by Japanese scientists which will benefit all modern people like us. It is rich in betaine, carotenoids, catechins and vitamin A, C and E. These powerful antioxidants help effectively clear free radicals and help alleviate body damage such as oily skin, pimples and bad breath. The health-promoting nutrients in iCharge may also help improve vision, promote mental clarity and increased reaction time, boost brain energy and increase work efficiency, so you feel completely refreshed and full of energy.

iCharge tea promotes healthy brain, boosts memory, focus and efficiency.

iCharge tea may help relief the stressed leaded headache, dizzy feeling and help boost brain energy, so that to help promote clear thinking and improve work efficiency and mind focus during the daytime. The tea may has a biphasic effect on brain functions. Its ingredient is sometimes considered as "brain tonic", because it contains betaine, which is converted in the body into choline, substances that may help enhance memory and recall ability.


What's more...

Daily consumption of iCharge tea has been shown to be a natural mood elevator. It may help stimulates the secretion by the pituitary gland of HGH (human growth hormone), the youth hormone. The benefits of HGH include assisting: reduction of body fat, better sleep, improved memory, accelerated healing, restored libido and a more youthful appearance.

*iCharge Tea is a 100% herbal based tea product. It is not a prescription medicine. (disclaimer)

Is iCharge tea similar to Coffee?

iCharge tea has been used as an alternative to coffee by many professionals. Unlike coffee and any other energy boosting drinks, iCharge tea is relatively low in caffeine.

What People Are Saying

iCharge tea is suitable for office professionals, frequent phone and tablet browsers, readers, long-hour drivers and students. Yes, these are genuine results with verified purchase achieved by real people. Kick-start your iCharge boosting today, We want you to feel happier, healthier and more confident!

*iCharge tea is a 100% natural herbal tea. It is not a prescription medicine. (disclaimer)

"After only two days of consuming 1 cup of icharge each day, I have found it has positively impacted my dreaded mood swings. My work is emotionally demanding (as for most people these days) and since starting, I've become more emotionally steady throughout my fast paced work days. One direct result of this steadiness has been my booking more business, a better focus and concentration, and a feeling of confidence I haven’t experienced for a while. icharge to you!" Johni

"The iCharge worked very fast for me. I noticed right away a sense of calm and alert that I had never had before. It really is amazing!" Jimmy B Woodbury

"Since I started drinking iCharge during the day, I am experiencing such a sense of calmness and inner peace. I no longer feel stressed at work or in freeway traffic to and from work. I have found myself actually laughing out loud in the office and even telling jokes. I had not done that in a good while. I love the compliments I get on my beautiful smile from my husband. My life gets better and better as I continue to drink iCharga." Ann H, North Ryde

"I have a busy schedule as online school instructor. After trying my first cup of iCharge, I immediately felt a sense of peace and calm come over me; my energy went from hectic and rushed to relaxed and clear. This feeling of peace and clarity has remained with me ever since. Now I am telling my online school students about i-Tea! Thank you!" Judy Illinois

"Since drinking iCharge I have had a great sense of well-being and have not been anxious like I had been. I am sleeping better and my life is turning around. I actually have the energy and the emotional fortitude to take on my day. This is a miracle from God. Thank you for the gift of iCharge!" Julie C. Brooks, South Yarra

Helped control my oily skin. "I have a lot of oils under the skin after i sit at front of computer for a few hours. This creates lots of tiny bumps, and they usually turn into more problematic white heads or zits. This tea has helped control my oily skin and has made the bumps less visible. I love the tea and rely on it!" Rachel L. Stewart

"This tea has supercharged my body. I feel alive with a zest for life that I haven't felt in years. I find myself going to sleep much easier, waking up feeling refreshed, and excited to take on the day. I have been experiencing increased energy, unbelievable mental clarity, and I can deal with stress easier. I sometimes find myself giggling because I am just so happy with my renewed passion for life that iCharge has given me." Ron M. Southbank Melbourne Australia

"After two days of using iCharge, I was sold! My job can be very stressful and tiring - I would go home so tired at times that I did not want to do anything. Now I have more energy at work, am able to face stress, and come home to enjoy the evening!" Ralph, North Carolina

"I've been drinking iCharge daily for several weeks and have noted the following benefits: greater energy throughout the day, more stamina during my workouts and while running, improved sleep and a greatly enhanced sense of well-being." Dr. M. Cohen

"This is wonderful! I am making sure my whole family consistently takes it. There are so many benefits, including increased alertness and mental clarity. This is great for my high school and college kids! Thanks!" Judith, Virginia

"After 2 months of drinking iCharge I lost 6 kilos and have never felt better. My wife and I have experienced more energy, stamina and endurance with the tea than any product that we have ever taken. My eyesight, digestion, sleep, and circulation have all improved and my blood pressure is normal. We are truly impressed with this product and the taste is outstanding!" John & Carolyn, Christchurch New Zealand

"My grandson is 20 years old. Since he has been drinking iCharge the acne that he has suffered with for a long time is gone." Marian S., Apollo

"My 33 yo daughter had a problem with acne since her first office job. This had bothered her for about ten years. She had spent thousands of dollars on her face, neck and upper part of her body, trying to relieve the situation. The dermatologist had tried derma abrasion for about three layers of skin, but to no avail. The acne actually became more like cystic formations. She started drinking at least 4 cups of iCharge per day. Eight days later her acne started to dry up completely. Her acne is no longer a problem for her." Lori

"Loved the taste of icharge. I would definitely order it again. Great way to start the day and a pick me up around sleepy 3 pm. The taste is refreshing!" Mike

"I know this tea is low in caffeine, but I'm going to say I feel like it has lots of caffeine in it. It wakes me up and the more I drink of it the more refreshed I get, and the clearer my thinking is. My body feels healthier too. I can drink i-charge all day long." Heather

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