Teas for Cholesterol

Teas for Cholesterol

Drinking some herbal teas may assist in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol is a type of fat and whilst needed for the body,an excess amount of it can cause many health problems, such as heart disease. They are proteins, responsible for transporting cholesterol around in the blood. There are two main types of cholesterols, the High-Density Lipids (HDL) and Low-Density Lipids (LDL). HDL is known as the healthy cholesterol (the good kind). HDL helps to keep cholesterol from building up in the arteries by transporting cholesterol from the arteries back to the liver for disposal. LDL known as the unhealthy cholesterol (the bad kind) is the main cause for cholesterol blockage and build-up.

Research suggesting that herbal teas lower LDL may take some time but the results can be promising. You may not see the effects of the tea on your cholesterol for weeks or months, but some claim that they noticed a drop in blood sugar in less than an hour. Changing the cholesterol is mostly about changing the lifestyle. Fortunately, these teas can certainly be a healthy addition to your day.

Gu-Lan Tea

 Fat Blocking | Cholesterol

Gu-Lan tea is rich in gypenosides (GPs) which has been shown to help lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and assist increase HDL cholesterol. It is a highly recommended addition into your cholesterol diet. It may also help decrease the absorption of fats in the stomach and assist in inhibiting the increase in insulin levels. Guide: 1 cup after each major meal. Caffeine free.




Okinawan Tea

Fat Burning | Cholesterol | Diabetes

From the land of longevity, Okinawan tea is also rich in gypenosides (GPs) and catechins that may assist in the maintenance healthy cholesterol levels and boosting metabolism. It has also been shown to be beneficial to people living with diabetes. Guide: 1 - 2 cups daily throughout the day. Caffeine: 20% of a cup of standard green tea.




Wu-Long Tea

Fat Burning | Energy | Cholesterol

Wu-Long tea is rich in catechins. It assists your weight loss plan by boosting your body’s ability to metabolise lipids (fat). This tea is also rich in gypenosides (GPs), which help lowers total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and assist increases HDL cholesterol. Wu-Long tea is suitable for those who are in a weight loss plan but also have concern on cholesterol levels. Available in teabags and capsules. Guide: 1 - 2 cups daily throughout the day. Caffeine: 33% of a cup of standard green tea.




Du's Tea

Blood Pressure | Cholesterol

Du's tea is suitable for those who are looking for a healthy cholesterol diet plan with an added benefit of healthy blood pressure. Available in teabags and capsules. Guide: 2 - 3 cups daily throughout the day. Caffeine free. 





Heart | Cardiovascular | Cholesterol

Comfortea is recommended for assisting in heart and circulatory health. It helps relieve symptoms such as short of breath and chest tightness. Regular consumption of Comfortea can also be beneficial to cholesterol. Guide: 1 cup a day. Caffeine: 0%. 



*Harmoni-T herbal teas and supplements are 100% herbal based. They are not prescription medicines. (disclaimer)