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Resveritol Thick hair clear skin

A simple boost for hair and skin you can notice from the first cap,

too soon

It's too soon to know whether resveratrol is affecting my cells. I will be having an endoscopy soon and the biopsy might show something.

Du's Tea
Delicious taste

I was recommended this year for is health benefits, but I just love it as an incredibly refreshing cup of tea!

Du's Pro
Dus Pro

Helps lowerbp

My daily must

I’ve been using Wu-Long for many years, and it helps keep my weight down as I’m in a wheelchair and unable to exercise.
I like the Enhanced Wu-long tea flavour much better, but I’ll take whatever’s in stock.


I’m still in my first cycle, so can’t really be sure yet. Nice small capsules that are easy to take.

Okinawan Tea
Jason Murray
Great tra

Love it

Adam’s tea…

Yes, it helps in a number of ways…

CleanCo Tea

Very happy with all of the products that I purchase. Quality service level as well that keeps me coming back.
Well done.

Du's Tea
stephen martin

the tea helps stabilise my blood pressure nice with a little bit of honey added will always use this product

Okinawan Tea - Simple Pouch
Beauregard Fielding
Amazing Tea Service

Harmoni-T is my preferred tea supplier. Most trusted in every degree. I like their expedient ordering service and then ultra-fast delivery. The product is first class too. I’m very particular as a tea connoisseur so Harmoni-T are it! Well done. Beau

Du's Program - Hypertension & Cholesterol Combo
Du Tea

I have been drinking Du Tea for the last month and have definitely seen a beneficial decrease in my blood pressure. It’s delicious too which is a bonus.

Good value good product locally tested

It’s hard to get local micronised resveratrol. With untested products from overseas you may not get what you pay for or worse get unwanted extras. You can never be sure if these products work. But I still have a calcium score of zero and was told by my GP I may as well go home and eat a cream bun as there’s no point checks my cholesterol.


I’ve tried quite a few Resveratrol brands and the micro500 were without a doubt the highest quality and most effective. I’m very impressed.

Wu-Long Tea - Simple Pouch
Kymberley Monaghan

Great tea, love it!!

Comfortea For Heart
Juliet Flores
It still works

I love this tea, I keep using it especially if I experience stress and chest pain.

Okinawan tea

Great tasting tea. Wonderful after dinner tea.

du tea

this is so nice.refreshing in the heat of day and soothing of an evening .
overall and enjoy drink

Gu-Lan Tea

Yes it's good tea to drink after dinner of a night..

Du's Pro
Kathlyn Forman
DU’s Pro

Super, fantastic! When I take DU’s Pro, I don’t have to take high blood pressure pills. That’s why whenever I have the finances I try to stock up it’s great nothing like it, all natural. Thank you for sharing it with us. I’ll be ordering more soon!

Midsummers night dream

I love this tea because it relaxes me and helps me sleep more soundly. It tastes pleasant also.

Du's Tea
Raymond Lamb

Should one drink Dus Tea hot .my pressure around 180 to 170

Gu-Lan Tea
Antoniya Mineva
Gu-Lan tea

Yes it works.Together with the high blood pressure tea It keeps the blood pressure in the 126-132 range which is fine for 70 years old

Resveratrol Capsules - Micro500

Good product and I continue buying it.