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Okinawa tea

It is helping my health and it helped to calm me. I felt energized whenever I take Okinawa tea. I will give five stars ⭐️

Great product

I am 60 years old and find the micronized resveratrol makes a difference on my energy level and being able to still carry on with my day as if I were twenty years younger.

Very good

I think that resveratrol 99% is a very good product, however is not so good as resveratrol micro. But any way I am happy. I am thinking to come back to 500 micro ( is money problem)

Adam's Tea for Men
Sylvia Duffy

I give this 5 stars

Du's Tea - Simple Pouch
James Otokpa Otokpa
Du's tea, smple pouch;



I was diagnosed with coronary artery disease over 20 years ago and had stents inserted in 2004. I commenced Resveratrol Micro500 capsules in 2005 in the belief that the French have a proven lower incidence of coronary artery disease which is put down to their red wine, and hence Resveratrol, intake. I have had no further problems with my heart disease.

Good Quality Product

This is my third time purchasing this particular product. Very happy with the quality. I take 2 caps (1000mg) per day plus 1000mg of NMN. Definitely noticed the difference in the way I feel throughout the day and my cognitive function!
I keep my product in the refrigerator.

Du's Pro
Paul from New Zealand
DU's Tea to DU's PRO

I have been drinking DU's Tea for several years now and decided to give DU's PRO a try, it definitely helps reduce blood pressure. Will continue to order product in the future. Cheers

Adam's Tea
James Luby
Tea that is refreshing and healthy

I'm enjoying teas and think it's starting to help me along with my keeping fit routine I'm feeling so good.

Ocean Pro Marine Collagen

I will give five stars

Du's Tea
Du's Tea

I have been drinking Du's tea for 3 weeks, and Doctor has reduced my Blood Pressure medication by half, I am very pleased.

Du's Tea
Pat Shanahan
Du,s tea

Early days but appears to be everything promised

Adam's Tea
Adam’s Tea

I give this tea five stars

Okinawan Tea - My favourite

This tea not only tastes great but has many health benefits. It doesn't get any better than that!

Hypertension & Cholesterol Combo

I just received it two weeks ago. I have to wait for next month to give you the effects of the tea.

Du's Tea
Amazing DU’s Tea

You can never go wrong with this product. Helped lower my blood pressure level gradually and assist in my wife lose some weight.

Loving the teas, the taste is refreshing and I will definitely be continuing with another order.

Du's Tea - Simple Pouch
Clinton Benjamin
Work in progress

Delivery was exceptionally long. Pointed it to the pandemic. Love the taste and can feel some difference after two weeks but I am also taking other teas too. Likely to order again !

I’m in love!

I bought this tea for health reasons, but I have found it is the nicest tea to drink. Love it.


Not sure yet but I feel it has helped my eczema, I think it will take a 2 months not sure yet

Superb product

This is an excellent product.

Hypertension and heart combo

Still on first delivery but really liking this tea.

Resveratrol Capsules - P99 (60s)
Karina Mendez-Dockery
Anti aging awesomeness

Great product !

Du's Tea
Romy Baker

I have found your tea very refreshing with a delicious fragrance and taste. I have only just started drinking your tea so cannot comment on how it has improved my health at this stage, but I will do so in a few months time. I look forward to continuing to drink Du's Tea.

Great supplements

I used resveratrol capsules for my Trigeminal Neuralgia. Although I can’t say if they work on my nerves I can say I feel a lot more energy more likely due to improving insulin sensitivity and also I have less join pain.