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It really works!

I’m absolutely loving this Resveratrol !!
I have started seeing results in less than two weeks. My skin feels amazing and I’m getting lots of complements from lots of people how great I look!
I have lots more energy and I’m feeling great in general. Highly recommended!!

Very good service

I received my tea in very good time and order which I’m grateful for.

Love this tea

Have been drinking Okinawan Green Tea for many years after reading an article about the the people of Okinawa. Figured if it worked so well for them then why not give it a try. Am so glad I did.
The fresh taste makes it a great way to start the day and definitely helps to keep me healthy. It’s also quite tasty with a slice of lemon included in it.
Am quite pleased with the simple pouch system - takes up less room in the pantry cupboard and the tea stays very fresh in the self sealed pouch.
Always great service from Harmoni-T

Raylee Broome

Du's Tea
Du tea

Pleasant to drink. Have noted a small reduction on diastolic BP. Plan to keep at it. Worth ago


In all honesty, I just thought it would help a little with possibly the placebo factor creeping in. I can honestly say, it has definitely made a difference. My sleep pattern has definitely taken a turn for the better and anxiety lowered after drinking it, I do admit to having two cups before bed! It’s odd to say but it’s improved my sleep hugely!!! So a huge thank you from me in Blighty xx

Healthy booster

Helps relax and calm. BP down slightly. Taking one twice daily. Mentally healthy.
Still observing goodness of taking it.

Soulagement internes

Très intriguant comme produits, vraiment efficaces pour les bobos internes, j'ai arrêté tout médication pour douleur.....

Du's Pro
Du's Pro

Fantastic 👏


Great product

Formula Tea LLC

I love the tea it’s very comforting


I have Adam’s tea everyday. I am a true believer in everything that this tea says it does. I have recommended this tea to so many people. Thank you so much Harmoni-T for manufacturing this amazing product!

Lowers blood pressure

I have resisted taking blood pressure medication and started using dues today several years ago. At my last doctors check up my blood pressure was normal. I love the tea and often brew it with organic peppermint tea.

Wu-Long Tea

I have been drinking this Wu-Long tea for many years now and love the taste and how it gives me that little boost of energy. I usually just have one cup a day but occasionally two. I have been able to maintain my weight for many years and I’m 50…by combining healthy eating, exercise and tea daily.

Du's Pro
Great Product

Product is very helpful in restoring good health. I feel much better and full of energy

Certainly keeps blood pressure lower

Wu-long tea

The taste is great but I haven’t seen any difference since I started taking it.
Thanks you

Du's Tea

Very satisfied with my purchase, I was kept informed on chipping etc..

Du's Tea

I bought the tea for my sister-in-law and she loves it. She says it helps with her high blood pressure and blood sugar. Also, it aids with sleeping if you have difficulty falling asleep at night. I bought some for my husband and I but haven't received them as yet.

Du's Tea

Excellent product



More energy

My husband and I have been taking this for 3 weeks now. One of the biggest changes I have noticed is so much more energy. My husband used to fall asleep after work each day and he doesn’t do this anymore. I have also noticed my weight is stabilising.

GU-Lan Tea

I have been taking GU-Lan tea capsules because of my cholesterol, which was 7.8
I have been taking the capsules for about 3 months.
I had another blood test last week and my cholesterol is 5.5 now
I’m very happy with the teas

I'd been loving this tea ever since I used it.

feeling younger

Love the results I get from using Resveratrol


I have much more energy and feel revitalized