Herbal Teas for Skin Detoxification

Acne, pimples and spots are one of the most common skin conditions, affecting over 90% of teenagers and up to 25% of all adults. For many people, acne is a serious problem. It is painful, distressing and embarrassing. Most people trying to control skin oil and deal with them with different skin care products; however, what they have been trying to treat is only the symptom of the problem, rather than the source that is hidden inside their body. 

In Chinese medicine, these sources are called excessive “huo” and “du” inside the blood which are rooted from stress, harsh environment, internal secretion disorder and irregular and unhealthy diet. They cause internal unhealthiness and to outside, the bad and oily skin with, sometimes severe, acne. The internal management of acne has been increasingly important on acne treatment, compared with the traditional treatment from outside on the skin. A combination plan that focuses on internal factors is in fact more important than just simple external care to leads to an unprecedented success.

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