Teas for Liver Detox

Herbal Teas for Liver Detox

Toxins are everywhere in our environment, and our bodies have the built-in capacity to defend against these toxins naturally. The liver is the body’s largest internal organ. It’s responsible for more than 500 different functions in the body. One of these functions is detoxification and neutralizing toxins. 

Liver cleanses itself between 11pm til 1am every night. This takes place while you are sleeping deeply. Drinking some types of herbal teas before bed may help support healthy liver function, assist its detoxification, and help protect it from various toxic chemicals such as carbon tetrachloride, especially when its sometimes facing heavy duties:



Sleep | Liver Detox | Body Recovery

Ni-Tea has been shown to assist relieve sleeplessness and help promote quality sleep. It may also help promote healthy liver detoxification and body recovery throughout the night. 1 cup at night. Caffeine free. 




Gu-Lan Tea

 Fat Blocking | Cholesterol | Liver Support

Gu-Lan tea has been shown to help support healthy cholesterol levels. It may also help promote healthy liver detoxification and support liver balance. Guide: 1 cup after dinner. Caffeine free.




Du's Tea

Blood Pressure | Liver Support

Du's tea is rich in natural health nourishing properties helping on maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol. Regular using Du's tea may also help to support healthy liver balance. Caffeine free. 




iCharge Tea

Day Detox | Liver Support

iCharge tea has been shown to help clear free radicals and assist in alleviating body damage caused by using computers, tablets and phones. Using iCharge tea may help boost the body’s energy and efficiency; and it may also help to support a healthy liver balance. Guide: 1 - 2 cups daily throughout the day or upon needs. 



*Harmoni-T herbal teas and supplements are 100% herbal based. They are not prescription medicines. (disclaimer)