Teas for Quality Sleep

Herbal Teas for Quality Sleep & Night Detox

- Have you been suffering stress and hardly fall asleep?
- Do you wind up because of lack of sleep?
- Are you tired of tossing and turning?

With all the stresses and strains of modern life, family and work, people are faced with increasingly challenging situations. What better place is there than a comfortable bed to relax and regenerate energy, ready for the next day’s challenges? But there is nothing worse than lying awake at night, worrying about the fact that you can’t sleep. 

Having poor quality sleep causes exhaustion and irritability, and lack of sleep can affect your effectiveness in business and personal relationships.

Our body naturally detox ourselves; and more importantly, 90% of such processes are actually conducted at night while human body is deeply at sleep. It is as simple as that, poor sleep interrupt your body detoxing process, which causes serious problems. In the other way, "when your sleep is fine, your everything will be fine". 

Using some herbal teas to assist relieve sleeplessness is 100% natural, safe and nourishing to your health. You will observe considerable changes in how much better you sleep:


Calming | Sleep | Night Detox

Ni-Tea consists of the soothing, healing properties of various herbs. This natural night drink is highly sought after for its ability to help soothe away the anxieties which are keeping you awake, assisting lulling you into a deep and restful night’s sleep - so you wake up feeling completely refreshed and full of energy. It may also help relieve brain pressure and body stress, help rejuvenates your mind and promote body detoxification and recovery throughout the night. Guide: 1 cup before bed. Caffeine free.




Du's Tea

Blood Pressure | Calming

Du's tea may help in the maintenance of a healthy blood pressure at night. It may also help to soothe anxieties and calm your mind before bed. Guide: 1 cup before bed. Caffeine free. Available in teabags and capsules.





Heart | Cardiovascular | Insomnia

Comfortea is a premium herbal tea combination that promotes the well-being of your heart and circulatory health. It may also be used for help relieve the sleeplessness caused by heart related problems. Guide: 1 cup a day preferably at night. Caffeine free.



*Harmoni-T herbal teas and supplements are 100% herbal based. They are not prescription medicines. (disclaimer)