Teas for Weight Loss

Teas for Diet and Weight Loss

Drinking tea may provide a natural, healthy and safe solution to stay fit and hydrated. A DAILY cup of tea changes the way the body breaks down fat and could help in shedding the pounds, say researchers. It may also provide you with natural resistance along with many other health benefits for building up a healthy body balance. It is a particularly good addition into a diet plan. Different teas have its own individual properties, works differently:

Wu-Long Tea

Fat Burning | Energy Boosting

Before a workout, a cup of Wu-Long tea may turbocharge the fat-blasting effects. Wu-Long tea is extremely rich in catechins, the flat belly crusaders that blast adipose tissue by triggering the release of fat from fat cells (particularly in the belly), and then speeding up the liver’s capacity for turning that fat into energy. This natural metabolism booster had been on many dieters' list since 2007. Guide: 1 - 2 cups daily throughout the day. Caffeine: 33% of green tea. Available in teabags and capsules




Gu-Lan Tea

 Fat Blocking | Cholesterol | Energy

After a meal, a cup of Gu-Lan tea may help blocking the absorption of fat into the body and stops new fat cells from forming. The properties in Gu-Lan tea may help simultaneously block adipogenesis (the formation of fat cells) due to high levels of ingredients thought to be active on human fat cells. It helps provide better results when using along with Wu-Long tea. It is also ideal for dieters whose diet tea needs to be caffeine free. Guide: 1 cup daily after the big meal for the day. Caffeine free.




Du's Tea

Blood Pressure | Cholesterol | Body Weight

Du's tea has been shown to assist in maintaining a healthy blood pressure. It may be recommended to those looking for a combined diet plan with concerns on high blood pressure. Guide: 2 - 3 cups daily throughout the day. Caffeine free. 




Okinawan Tea

Blood Sugar | Cholesterol | Body Weight

Okinawan tea is rich in powerful nutrients that may assist in the maintenance of healthy blood sugar and weight levels. It has also been shown to assist with cholesterol levels and heart health. Guide: 1 - 3 cups daily throughout the day. Caffeine: 20% of a cup of standard green tea.




*Harmoni-T herbal teas and supplements are 100% herbal based. They are not prescription medicines. (disclaimer)