Wu-Long Tea for Weight Loss

“The Biggest Loser” from Drinking Wu-Long Tea, Steve Jones, shares his “Loser” experience.

Name: Steve Jones

Age: 42
Nationality: American
Height: 172cm

Weight: reduced from 106KG (May) to 70KG (November)

Steve Jones aged 42, been married for 10 years, his weight jumped from 86KG to 106KG. Steve loves all different delicious foods, and even enjoying them late at night while watching TV. His favourite foods include: Beef burger (can have 3 at a time), Potato salad, BBQ chicken with chips, and cheese cake. Sometimes he even has ice cream at 2am. In the year when he was mostly over weight, he broke 2 chairs and 1 bed; he couldn’t find his 44-sized pants when doing shopping. He once sat in a taxi but the safety belt couldn’t fix his belly. He had to hold with his hand to pretend the belt is fastened. He felt himself get easily tired, easily sweating and dizzy. His doctor warned him that his blood pressure had reached 200mmHG with high cholesterol and blood sugar at the age of only 41, with his weight over 100KG, his problems were most caused by him being overweight. The doctor wanted to give him medicine for reduce blood pressure. However, he refused as he thinks if the problems are caused by his overweight, he would try to lose weight first and then take the medicine if his attempt at weight loss failed. Finally the doctor agreed to give him 1 year to lose weight, but he was required to come to the clinic for regular check ups.

Since May, he began to drink wu-long tea along with healthy eating. Within 6 months, he amazingly reduced his weight from 106KG to 70KG. With the reduction of 36KG, his pant size reduced from size 44 to 34, and he completely got rid of his high cholesterol and high blood sugar.

Steve’s wu-long tea weight loss experience is:

  • Drinking wu-long tea before and after each meal; or at least 1 cup after each meal.
  • Best to drink the tea about 1 hour after eating.
  • Use 80-90 degree water to brew the tea. (It’s very easy; simply wait for 1 and half minutes after boiling)
  • Serve the tea as hot drink, without adding any sugar.
  • Prepared tea to be finished within 30-60 minutes after brewing.
  • Healthy diet + slightly exercise at work
  • No additional junk snack after normal meal. Drink wu-long tea if feeling really hungry.
  • Keep this on a regular basis.

Steve’s comment about wu-long tea: This is the tea you can drink for life.